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Bicycle Gyroscope with Rotating Base

SKU Code: REMZ33-01E

Gyroscope is a device that shows the conservation of the angular momentum. It predicts and observes the properties of rotational motion by using demonstration fun and fascinating properties of a gyroscope, so it will make the complex topic of gyroscope visible. The system consists of a stool that can rotate freely around its axis on a floor. Sit on the stool, take the gyroscope and rotate. Your endurance will be challenged while changing the rotating axis of the bicycle wheel and you and the stool begin to rotate together. The gyroscope conserves the initial momentum. Additionally, dumbbells (weight) can be used instead of a bicycle wheel to analyze this kinematics. While rotating with the base, you can change the speed of rotation by drawing the dumbbells into the body (to increase the speed) or holding with arms extended (to decrease the speed).
Wheel & Holder
Diameter: 40 cm Height: 130 cm
Turntable Diameter: 70 cm Height: 110 cm
Both outdoor & indoor exhibit