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The Airzooka is a demonstration kit that consists of a hollow plastic cylinder mounted on a handle. One end of the cylinder is opened as a hole whereas the opposite one there is a membrane surrounding the whole surface. This interesting swirl starter sends air cluster to the environment with its flexible structure at the back and air power. The scientific name is a vortex generator (also named as vortex ring launcher or vortex cannon) since the ball of air (or fog) that shoots out is really a vortex. The vortex is created because the air leaving open end of the cylinder (from the hole) at the middle of the hole can go faster than air leaving around the edge of the hole. As you hit the membrane, it pushes air into the cylinder. As a result, the volume inside the cylinder decreases and pressure increases. That pressure increase pushes some of the air out of the hole at the opposite side. The smaller the hole you cut, the greater the velocity the air (fog) will come out when you strike. This demo can be used to show that the air is also a material, and to show the effect of Bernoulli. Blow out the candle remotely, create interesting air swirl, create mist circles with the help of mist machine and wake up the sleeping person in the presentation.